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Coat of arms of the city district city of Kumertau

Coat of arms of the city district city of Kumertau

The municipal coat of arms of Kumertau is approved by the decision of Council of the city district the city of Kumertau of the Republic of Bashkortostan of September 21, 2006 No. 13-8. The coat of arms is brought in the State heraldic register Russian Federation at No. 2994, and also — in the State register of symbolics in the Republic of Bashkortostan at No. 032.


The first option of the new coat of arms developed in 2006 had a frame — an oak wreath and a chicken. Possibly according to the recommendation of Heraldic Council the coat of arms was approved in the form of a simple heraldic board without jewelry.

«In an azure field with gold sides, each of which is burdened with three black equilateral triangles (one over another), a gold steppe falcon Sapsan standing to the right with upraised wings».

Symbolics justification:
The coat of arms according to the contents is uniform and harmonious: all figures of the coat of arms symbolize historical, geographical and social and economic features of the city of Kumertau constructed in connection with opening and the beginning of development of the Babayevo field of brown coal. In a translation from the Bashkir language the name of the city sounds as «the coal mountain». Therefore the name of the city is symbolically represented in the coat of arms by black triangles. Besides, a triangle — the steadiest geometrical figure directed in the future. The central figure of the coat of arms is the falcon Sapsan who is symbolically displaying the Bashkir steppe in which the city is constructed. The image of a falcon Sapsan also represents development in the aircraft industry city, height of aspirations and thoughts of inhabitants of Kumertau.

Flag of the city district city of Kumertau


Description of a flag of Kumertau: Rectangular panel with a ratio of width to length 2:3, consisting of three vertical strips of yellow, blue and yellow color (width of each yellow strip of 1/6 lengths of a panel); in the middle of a blue strip a steppe falcon Sapsan of yellow color standing with upraised wings. Symbolics justification: The flag is created on the basis of a municipal coat of arms.


The song about Kumertau

В соответствии с Постановлением Правительства РФ № 1550 от 29 декабря 2016 года моногороду Кумертау присвоен статус Территории опережающего развития.